Strike Ramp Agents: Is this an extraordinary circumstance?

You have just made your check-in, and you are told that your flight may be disrupted because of the ramp agents who are on strike !!

Fortunately, in any case, the airline and the airport will try to solve this problem. Surely you are curious to know how the work of the agents of track influences your flight? And what are your rights if your flight is delayed or canceled as a result of this strike?

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What do the marshals do?

The ramp agent are the staff of the airport responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the traffic on the tarmac, they guide the pilots of aircraft through a helmet, during the operations of departure, until their landings and must then place shims under the wheels.
It is also the staff who take care of, prepare equipment such as ramps, luggage trolleys, treadmills, vans, they often work on the slopes, whatever the weather, and have staggered schedules and variables.
This is usually in order to claim improvement in their working conditions, and sometimes better organizations grids their work schedules and rest. Most of the time, such strikes last a few hours, unless the pace of negotiations is long.

What you need to know

If your flight is disrupted by the ramp agents' strike, try following these steps:
Contact your airline, it may be that it has taken action to reduce the impact of the strike agents, especially if it is short, and your flight is only shifted. It is necessary in such situations, to be on time at check-in or well before, to have as much information as possible about your flight.

Be up to date with the status of your flight. Do not hesitate to consult the websites of the airport and the airline, for additional information about the strike and the disruption of your flight.

What is certain is that in case of an air disruption on your flight, caused by the strike of the ramp agents, the airline must take care of you with first basic services, such as meals, refreshments and two free communication.

This support is an obligation for the airlines for everything:

• delay exceeding 2 hours for flights less than 1500 km
• 3 hours delay for flights from the European Union or flights between 1500 and 3500 km
• 4 hours delay for all flights,
• Significant delay, with additional accommodation and transportation if necessary.

Refund: You can also ask to be reimbursed for your ticket, if the delay exceeds 5 hours.

Compensation in case of strike of the ramp agents

The strike of the ramp agents is regarded as "an exceptional circumstance", in the same way as the bad weather, political situations, or anomalies related to the plane. These conditions are beyond the control of the airline, which allows the company not to keep its obligation of compensation, unless it is an internal strike in the company.

The work of the track agents is important, thus allowing the smooth running of the track in the airport. A strike of this kind will affect flights, so it is necessary to find out from your airline about your flight. The carrier must also take care of you in case of long delay, but you owe no compensation, according to European regulations.

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