Stopover agents strike: European regulation and the right to compensation

The strike of the stopover agents can cause delays and cancellations of flights. If you are affected by a disturbance because of this strike, do not hesitate to read what will follow to discover your rights as air passengers.

European Regulation EC 261/2004 protects travelers with common obligations and rules on compensation, assistance and reimbursement, which must be respected by airlines.

What does the stopover agent do in fact?

The stopover is the staff that greets you at the counter of your airline. He does all the operations related to your flight, such as checking your ticket and your ID, then make sure you check in, and that of your luggage.

Its role is also to facilitate the formalities in case of correspondence, and sometimes if necessary, it supports unaccompanied young children as well as the elderly or disabled. It is the intermediate staff between the passenger and his flight. In addition, it is the person to whom you are heading in the event of a problem, and who informs you about the status of your flight.

What to do during a stopover strike?

The stopover agents' unions resort to the strike for various reasons. Recently it was due to excessive dismissal, or sometimes to claim fewer hours of work, as they are constantly under pressure.

Contact your airline or consult the official website of the carrier or even that of the airport ... it could be that there is information related to your flight, and that it is replaced by another close to yours, or delayed by a few hours or can be scheduled for the next day ... or canceled. It is important to find out about your flight at the airport.

Your rights as air passengers

Although the agents are not part of the staff of the airline, it must still, according to European regulations, offer you refreshments, meals and two free communications for all waiting from 2 hours. ..and even accommodation if your flight is scheduled for the next day, or in case of delay:

• Delay of 2 hours for flights of less than 1500 Km.
• 3 hours delay for flights or more for flights within the European Union of more than 1500 km, and all other flights between 1500 km and 3500 km.
• 4 hours delay for all flights.

If your flight exceeds 5 hours, you can ask that you get your ticket back.

The airline is obliged to take care of you in case of internal strikes (strike of its personnel), or external strikes (staff of the airport) whose stopover agents are part of it, and this even if the disturbance is due extraordinary circumstances ... such as weather, political situations or following an exceptional event.

Compensation in the event of a stopover stike

If you are facing a delay or a cancellation of flight, which could upset your agenda and cause you heavy damages! after stopover agents strike, and because they are part of the staff of the airport and not the airline, so it is not responsible, as is stated in the European regulations .

The airline does not owe you any compensation, except in the case of an internal strike, in this case it is obliged to pay you compensation.

The stopover agent informs you about everything that concerns your flight and your baggage, and it is also the personnel to whom you are heading for your registration or in case of problems. If these agents go on strike and your flight is disrupted, the airline is exempted from paying compensation to the passengers.

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