The ranking of the best Business Classes according to The Travelers Club

The Travelers Club conducted a study that resulted in a ranking of the best business classes of airlines. Ranking Based on 4 fundamental criteria, this evaluation allowed to attribute to each airline a score on 100 points. The study concerns 50 international and regional airlines.

The study takes into account: cabins, comfort on board, on-board service and entertainment.

At the end of this study, the airline Qatar Airways arrives in the first position, ahead of EVA Air and Hainan Airlines.

  1. Qatar Airways

Cabin (s): 23/25

Comfort on board: 27/30

Onboard service: 17/20

Entertainment: 23/25

  1. Eva Air

Cabin (s): 21/25

Comfort on board: 24/30

Onboard service: 15/20

Entertainment: 20/25

  1. Hainan Airlines

Cabin (s): 20/25

Comfort on board: 24/30

Onboard service: 15/20

Entertainment: 20/25

To find the following companies:

  1. Oman Air: 78/100
  2. Singapore Airlines: 77/100
  3. Garuda Indonesia: 76/100
  4. Air Canada: 72/100
  5. Cathay Pacific: 70/100
  6. Delta Airlines: 69/100
  7. Turkish Airlines: 61/100

The Travelers Club, the Boarding Area's French blog, awarded 45 points for cabins and comfort on board, 30 points for onboard service and 25 points for entertainment. No airline offers an optimal product and each airlines evaluated has its own axis of improvement, according to the published study.

This is a first edition based on Traveler Club's analysis, which explains that in its next edition of 2020, the vote will be open to readers so that they can also rate airlines according to upstream criteria by The Travelers Club.

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